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  • Enter 4-digit keycode
  • Press the TEEHO button
  • Done!


  • Close the door
  • Hold down the TEEHO button for 2-secs
  • Wait for door to lock


Note: Please make sure the conference room is reset after each use for the next person. See items below:

  • Change status that conference room is in use
  • RED – meeting started
  • GREEN – meeting over
  • Reset chairs back into its original position
  • Total of nine chairs at each conference room
  • Place TV remote in the center of the table
  • Turn off TV after meeting is completed
  • Reset HDMI cable back in the original position
  • Clean-up where you messed up
  • Food and drinks
  • Use a coaster or paper towel for cold/hot drinks to protect table top
  • Turn off lights at the end of your meeting
  • Close door after meeting is completed
  • Carry all your personal items with you after meeting is completed
  • Report any issues to me if something is not working correctly



What to do:

  • Keep your doors locked
  • If person does not appear to be a threat, listen to them
  • Advise them to contact property manager (ME) if they need assistance
  • If you feel threaten, call 911
  • Use wise judgment
  • Ignore them and proceed to your destination
  • Report stranger encounters or events to the property management (ME), we will take action

What not do:

  • Argue
  • Provide too much information
  • Invite them in your office or in the building
  • Loan them money

Take notice to any stranger and what vehicles they are driving. Look for red flags. Do they have a vehicle or are they a pedestrian? Do they have a current registered car tag? Are they alone or with somebody else? Please practice basic common sense. All buildings follow a 24×7 locked door policy. If issue elevates to a physical or verbal altercation, contact the police at 911.


Paid via electronic payments or checks. Rent payment are due on the 1st of the month and late on the 6th of the month.

  • $50 dollar fee after the 5th
  • Additional fee is accrued $15 each day until full payment is made

If you are paying via check or money order, your payment need to be received in my office before the 5th day of the month. If not, payment is considered late even if check is post-dated.

  • (Exceptions)- on holidays, payments are accepted on the next business day and will not be considered late

Excessive late rent payments that have occurred on more than two occasions can result in the following:

  • an eviction
  • lease not renewed
  • slow payment being reported to the credit bureau


I would encourage those to schedule payment via the Innago management app.  Let me know if you need assistance with this.



This communication is for new tenants that are on-boarding and a refresher for existing tenants. See below some good housekeeping rules we want to keep in mind:

  • Door is to be locked after 5PM on the weekends as well as week days
  • Last person to leave is responsible for securing the building
    • Includes turning off foyer, hallway, bathrooms and kitchen lights
  • If you have a client coming in after 5PM while the doors are locked, have them to text you or call when they are out front door then you can open door
  • Do not share key code PIN # with anyone unless they are listed on the lease
  • Cameras will be used to monitor outside and inside the facility per security
    • Inside – hallways only
  • If you notice any suspect activity, please let me know or dial 911 to dispatch the police if this is an emergency
  • Conference room access is only for those who have submitted a request and date is marked on the calendar
  • Your clients should not be sitting or waiting in the conference room area
  • Internet policy
    • No visiting sites that are in-appropriate or contains malware
    • Service is complimentary and want to avoid abuse
    • Such sites take up a lot of bandwidth and slows down the network
  • Printer/copier access
    • The rental office stocks paper for coping and printing services
    • Please do not take paper for personal use
  • Bathrooms
    • If kids need access to use the restroom, make sure an adult accompanies the child
    • Please do not put any paper products in the urinals
  • No alcohol or smoking on or around premises
  • Keep music at a low level so we can respect each other’s privacy
    • Rule of thumb: If you can hear music from the foyer area, your music is too loud
  • Each tenant (co-workers) responsible for managing their own customers and informing them to follow the building policies




Just a friendly reminder that only the person or persons on the lease should have access to the facility. If a co-worker or spouse is not on the lease, that person should not be accessing the facility.

Access codes are not to be shared. If you have a co-worker that need priviledge to enter the facility, let me know so I am aware of the individual and I can add their name to the lease agreement.



If you would like to promote your business using promotional signs see below policies:

  • Communicate with the rental office first before placing any signage standardization
  • The rental office reserves the front entrance for marketing/promoting of office spaces.
  • No tenant signs allowed at any location.
  • Signs can be positioned directly inside of the space you are renting.





  • In-processing New Tenants
    • Introduction Welcome to Woodmere Executive Suites
    • Sign the lease agreement
    • Collect the deposit and the first month’s rent
    • Discuss monthly payment done via direct draft via ACH Electronic, cash-app, or INNAGO
  • Perform walkthrough of office
  • Review office policies and guidelines
  • Issue building access keys/code
  • Issue pin # for entry into main door
  • Issue keys to tenant
  • Train on how to access front door
  • Locking door after business hours
  • Review internet and network usage policies
  • Printer – Issue code for using kitchen printer/scanner
  • Discuss network access policies
  • Provide wifi password
  • Add email address to Tenant email distribution group for communications
  • Send out new tenant introduction email to ALL
  • Order tenant items
  • Request customer name to be printed on signs
  • Door nameplates will be added 3-5 business days
    • 2×8 nameplate
    • Name on sign be added 7-10 business days
    • 75×12 sticker
  • Submitting maintenance request
  • Use INNAGO to log any maintenance request
  • Additional:
    • Update office directory
    • COVID protocol?
    • Renter insurance
    • Proof of Business license
    • Building shared temperature settings



 Just a quick walk-through on how maintenance requests are processed:

  1. Tenant logs new maintenance request.
  2. Rental office review maintenance request.
  3. Dispatch contractor.
  4. Coordinate arrival time.
  5. Notify tenant when contractor comes onsite 24 hours in advance. If emergent, may not receive notification.
  6. Contractor makes the necessary repairs.
  7. Rental office verify work is completed.
  8. Update maintenance request with the repair details.
  9. Close maintenance request.


SMART electronics also known as iOT (internet-of-things) which can range in various forms of a digital smart TV, thermostat, radio, speaker, doorbell, electrical plugs, door locks, and etc.

Devices can provide multiple benefits such as power savings and convenience. They can also create new computer security risk exposures due to vulnerable iOT devices connecting to the wireless network.

If you have a request to use a smart device, please let me know before you purchase so I can verify that the device does not cause any service issues to the building wifi network. All iOT devices should be connected to the GUEST wifi network.


Any tenant vehicles (cars/vans) that need to be left overnight, please provide proper notification to avoid vehicle from being towed. I am fine with leaving vehicle if you need to go out of town or for maintenance reasons. Just drop me email or call/txt me. There is one tenant that have the approval to leave his service vehicle overnight is the Carpet Cleaner located at Woodmere Executive Suites. I have an active lease with him to use reserved spaces. Other locations, there is no active leases. Unidentified, non-tenant vehicles parked overnight will be towed at the owner’s expense.



See below general internet policy:

  • Wireless key should not to be shared with your customers; used for business owners only
  • Will be changed periodically
  • Please avoid visiting non-business related sites that can increase exposure to viruses and malware
  • Filters will be implemented if need be per user
  • Access will be removed if abuse is detected




See below some general use policies:

  • Should be used by tenants only
    • Your customers/clients should not be accessing
  • Be considerate of our neighbors
    • We are **NOT** to take anything that does not belong to us
  • Try to remove food/drink items that may have an expiration periodically
    • If not, management will remove and trash
  • Clean inside refrigerator every 30 days or on an as needed basis



If you want to have coffee, make it at your home and place inside office. There should be no coffee makers brought on-premise or left on-premise in the kitchen area.

This applies to all internal and external tenants. Not only does this create a mess in the kitchen, but this also increases the chances of a plumbing maintenance repair to unclog the sink.




For those who have TTW ac units, tenants are to share in the general maintenance of the unit which includes:


  • Periodically cleaning of the AC filters.
  • Reach out to me if you need assistance on this.
  • Turn on and off the unit at the end of the day when you are not in.
  • The unit is not to be used as a refrigerator in keeping items cooled 24×7. Due to rising utility cost, please ensure AC units are turned off daily. Report issues ahead of time If AC unit is not heating or cooling, please submit an INNAGO ticket in advance.




If you are printing to a network printer connected via wireless, making you aware that other tenants will be able to browse and print directly to your printer.

Sometimes this happens when printers are similar in make or model. To avoid this, I would recommend the following:

  • Attaching an USB cable directly to your PC and removing the wifi connection on the printer


  • Renaming the printer name and adding a description for ease of identification when listed under the available printers directory







  • Empty out dirt between each cleaning
  • Place back on mount in between use
  • Handle with care do not abuse
  • Connect back to power source in between use
  • If issues occur where dirt is slipping out, keep powered on until excess dirt/debris is collected



  • Hitting against furniture or walls when vacuuming
  • Mishandling device by bumping or tugging
  • Allow customers or clients use for their personal reasons
  • Use outside of office; used inside your office space only
  • Vacuum large items or debris that may block suction
  • I’ve attached the manual for your review. If you have any questions, let me know.






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